1. tax payment at home


tax payment at home

Chatan Town is an oceanfront resort town where you can enjoy shopping and taking pictures in the exotic townscape, or just relax and watch the sunset.
Chatan Town is accepting donations by "Furusato Tax Payment". Furusato tax payment" is a system under which you can make a donation to a municipality you wish to support, and the amount equivalent to your donation will be deducted from your personal inhabitant tax and other taxes. We are looking forward to receiving donations from those who wish to support community development.
Located in the central part of Okinawa Prefecture, it is easily accessible to the northern and southern parts of the prefecture and has its own special products. We hope you will enjoy Hommachi as well.
Furusato Support Donation (Furusato Tax Payment) is based on the generosity of our customers. We do not force you to donate. It is an attempt to give form to your desire to "cherish your hometown" and "contribute to the development of your hometown.

How to apply for Furusato Support Donation (Furusato Tax Payment)

How to Use Furusato Tax Payment

  • 1 Projects related to urban development friendly to people, nature, and the earth

    Businesses related to the preservation of the natural environment
    Conducting forums on the environment
    Barrier-free facilities

  • 2 Projects related to the promotion of health and motivation for living of town residents

    Development of training and exercise facilities
    Organize seminars on mental health
    Organize various volunteer training courses.

  • 3 Projects related to the development of children who will be responsible for the future

    Organize various lectures and seminars on home education.
    Childcare support networking
    Expansion of courses and lectures on international understanding

  • 4 Businesses related to the preservation and utilization of history, culture and other local resources

    Preservation and development of traditional performing arts
    Preservation and utilization of cultural assets
    Enhance opportunities to experience and participate in art and culture

  • 5 Projects related to town revitalization

    Community development that makes the most of local characteristics
    Support for building event and tourism menus that make the most of new culture
    Support for development of specialty products and expansion of sales channels

  • 6 Other projects deemed necessary by the mayor

    The Mayor will utilize the donation for projects deemed most necessary in response to community development issues.