1. Chaitan brand

[Chatan Brand Recommended Certification ]

Brand Message

This is Chatan Town.THE CHATAN

The "everyday" in Chatan is extraordinary.

The exotic Chatan is a place of exoticism,
A mixture of rich nature and various cultures,
Evolving daily,
Oceanfront resort town.

Such is the charm of the city and its local products and crafts,
Sightseeing Scenic Spots, Nature, History, Traditional Culture
Various things are connected,
This is Chatan Town. The town of Chatan is a place to be proud of,
The "Chataan Brand" was certified,
We will promote the attractiveness of local resources.

A town where the usual routine feels like a special routine.
Every day is a new day.
Every time I visit,
I was able to encounter a fresh "This is Chatan Town. and encounter the fresh
It is well known and loved by everyone,
We aim to create a town that will continue to be loved and respected.

In 2019, "THE CHATAN" will be launched!


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The ideas behind "THE

  1. Town Resort Urban resort (lodging, shopping, amusement)
  2. Happy Happy, happy, joyful, satisfied, glad
  3. Enjoy Experience

Certified Products

BLANC JUJU original "Bingata" design


Bingata to casual life wear...
We created this product with the idea of transforming it into an item that you would want to keep around you.
I would like to see more Okinawan dyeing and Bingata in various scenes of daily life.
That is BLANC JUJU's wish.

Timeless Chocolate
Bean to Bar Chocolate"

Timeless Chocolate Bean to Bar Chocolate

We start by purchasing cacao beans, which are the raw material for our chocolates, and roasting the cacao in-house to match its unique character. Sugar is used to give the chocolate a unique texture and taste.

"Chatan Beer."

chatan beer

Yeast is the key to the taste. Beer craftsmanship. Using carefully selected "malt", "hops", and "yeast", we brew, manufacture, and sell our own craft beer as "Made in Chatan".

"Ishikawa Seed Koji Brewery, Black Koji Bacteria"

Ishikawa Koji Brewery, Black Koji Bacteria

Established in 1956. We have been refining the quality of our products with a single-minded focus on black koji production, and are actively working on the development of original products, focusing on raw materials for Awamori.

Salt of the Valley

Chatan salt

Okinawa Chatan salt is made from seawater off the coast of Chatan Town. The salt is produced using 100 percent concentrated seawater, which is produced in the process of making fresh water from seawater.

"Island Zori."

zori (Japanese footwear sandals)

Made in Japan, these sandals and island zori are available in over 200 colors and can be laser-engraved to create one-of-a-kind, original island zori.

The Poetry of Sannin."

The Poetry of Sannin

Entremet Cake Shop is so well known and loved by the local community that there is no one who does not know about it in Chatan Town. The "water buns" are very popular for their chewy and soft texture, and the "sannin poems," rich in sannin (shell ginger) aroma, are very popular as souvenirs!

"Kitagaya Elders."

Elder Kitatani

The brewing process at Chatan Choro Brewery is based on the careful preparation of Awamori that follows the production methods handed down from generation to generation, with gentle care as if dealing with people, and the Awamori made with love is characterized by its gorgeous and elegant aroma and smooth taste.