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Workplace Workcation Experience

In a town where you can free your mind and body from the hustle and bustle of the city Work and refreshment time to bond with workplace members!

Approximately 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Chatan Town, located in the central part of Okinawa's main island, is a popular resort town with "Sunset Beach," famous for its beautiful sunsets, and "Mihama American Village," a town reminiscent of a foreign country. In this city full of openness and exoticism, in October 2022, 10 people working for companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area experienced a workcation with the theme of "team building. Here is a report on the "charms of Chatan Town" that remained in the hearts of the participants through their 4-day/3-night vacation. (Five participants from each of the two companies attended.)

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Arrive at Naha Airport and go to Chatan Town on your own. Check in to the hotel "RECOO Okinawa Chatan Spa & Resort" and relax.
American Village, stroll along Sunset Beach to Alaha Beach
Recreation at the basketball court next to Alaha Beach
Work time for each
Work time for each
Exotic and colorful Okinawan town of Chatan Town Development Training
Free time for each person
Free time for each person
Work time for each
Departure from Haneda Airport

【Attractions of Chatan Town①】
A sense of openness surrounded by the wide sea and sky

Chatan Town, located on the west coast, is one of the best sunset spots in Okinawa. At dusk, tourists and locals alike sit and talk along the beach and slowly enjoy the sunset time. One of the best sunset spots in Okinawa The promenade along the beach is frequented by locals jogging and walking from sunrise to mid-morning. Coastal promenade It felt good just to walk around. The sea and the sky are so clear that it makes you feel refreshed," said one of the participants. Alaha Beach During this workcation, a team-building recreation was held at "Alaha Beach" in the southern part of Chatan Town. recreation This recreational activity was designed to increase the quantity and quality of communication with coworkers, and involved performing a variety of exercises while blindfolded. impressions A participant commented, "I was able to recognize the sounds and smells of the ocean more strongly when I was blindfolded and my vision was blocked. I could feel firsthand that I was in a different environment than usual." The openness of the location, with the beach so close by, made me feel fresh and proactive in communicating with my coworkers. The participants seemed to have realized the benefits of being away from the city. The time spent relaxing by the beach seemed to be spent in a friendly atmosphere, and I was impressed by the scenes where casual chit-chat led to deep conversations about issues at work. Since the Corona disaster, we've been working online a lot, and there have been times when I've found it difficult to communicate through online communication." Perhaps it is because we spend so much time together during workcations, but there have been many opportunities for casual chit-chat to spark work-related conversations." One of the participants said, "I think it's because we spend a lot of time together during the vacation. It seemed that an atmosphere was fostered where people could talk frankly, transcending the boundaries between supervisor and subordinate. impressions

【Attractions of Chatan Town②】
Atmosphere of the city immersed in the feeling of being abroad

Mihama American Village" is a townscape that resembles the West Coast of the United States. Just walking along the streets surrounded by vivid and unique buildings is an exciting experience. Palm trees swaying in the wind create a resort-like atmosphere. One of the best sunset spots in Okinawa During their stay, each of the two participating companies wore matching T-shirts. The IT companies brought T-shirts that they designed themselves for this workcation. The financial firms all bought matching T-shirts on their first day in Chatan, which were full of Okinawan style. The "resort atmosphere" that Chatan Town exudes seems to be the reason why you want to go out with your colleagues wearing matching T-shirts. Coastal promenade Many foreign nationals live in the town where the U.S. military base is located, and the town is also characterized by its exotic atmosphere. At "Alaha Beach," many foreign residents can be seen jogging and playing beach volleyball, and the place is lively from morning. "I was impressed by the smiles and greetings I received from foreign nationals as I passed them on Alaha Beach. I felt it was an exotic and friendly town where I could naturally get in touch with the locals." One of the participants said, "I was very impressed by the smiles and greetings I received from foreign residents when I passed by them. Alaha Beach There are many gourmet restaurants in town that will make you feel like you are abroad. You can enjoy international cuisine. impressions

【Attractions of Chatan Town③】
Amusement elements packed into a compact area

Mihama American Village" in the center of Chatan Town has a wide variety of stores as well as amusement facilities such as movie theaters, live houses, and swimming pools, so you can go out and have fun right after work. One of the best sunset spots in Okinawa Mihama American Village" is decorated with neon lights at night. One of the participants commented, "There were many bars and bars, so I was able to get to know my coworkers better. It seems to have had a positive impact on communication outside of work hours. Coastal promenade At "Alaha Beach," which is within walking distance from "Mihama American Village," marine activities can be enjoyed throughout the year. Banana boats and parasailing are also recommended to relax with your colleagues. Miyagi Coast" in the northern part of Chatan Town is one of the best surfing and diving spots in Okinawa. Many residents live a "morning lifestyle," working early in the morning and enjoying surfing and diving in the ocean in the afternoon. You can also walk to "Miyagi Beach" from American Village. Alaha Beach About 40 minutes by car to downtown Naha and accessible by car to Okinawa's popular tourist spot "Churaumi Aquarium", Chatan-cho is a recommended vacation spot for those who want to enjoy Okinawa for a long time. We asked the participants what the biggest attraction of the "Chatan Workcation" is. To be refreshed and enjoy a break from the fast-paced city life." It's easy to switch on and off between work and a change of pace, with vacation destinations close by." Why not spend time bonding with your work colleagues in the open and exotic resort town of Chatan-cho?
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